Magnetic field sensors

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Activated by magnetic fields and are used, in particular, for the detection of the piston position in pneumatic cylinders. Using a patented operating principle, the magnetic field sensors from TURCK can be mounted on any type of standard cylinder, where they capture permanent magnets on pistons error-free. The sensors operate wear-free, are short-circuit proof, rugged and IP67 rated. We also offer solutions for use in welding or hazardous areas as well as for analog queries.

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Magnetic field sensors for short-stroke cylinders and parallel grippers are very compactly designed. The all-round visible LED allows the switching state to be observed from any position. All standard connection types are available.

▪ Compact design
▪ For C groove cylinders
▪ Quickly and firmly mounted
▪ Excellent EMC properties
▪ Clearly visible LED


Magnetic field sensors